Overview of revenue processing in Feezily

This demonstrates how easy it is to upload your revenue statement files into Feezily and then send the processed revenue data on to any of our integration partner products: Xeppo, advice.intelligence., Fin365 and iComply2 so that it can be used by the compliance, workflow and reporting features within those partner products.

Of course, you also have the option of importing the processed data into your own in house manual or automated data processing solutions.


Feezily features


"Parassist" optional add on service

The base Feezily pricing is all you need to pay if you have a paraplanner or other operations staff available to extract provider revenue files from providers (via email or downloading from the provider's website) and then upload them to Feezily. Feezily will perform automatic processing on those files after uploading.

If, however, you don't have a paraplanner or other admin staff available to perform the revenue statement extraction from providers then our "parassist" service can provide a "hands free" option to revenue processing where our staff perform the extraction and uploading process for you.

This service is offered as an optional add on, if required, for an additional $395/month.


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API integration with your Application or Service

Demonstrates the Feezily API which allows 3rd party applications to leverage the revenue file data transformation capabilities of Feezily in their own applications.

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