Financial advice revenue management done easily!

Revenue management software for superannuation, mortgage and insurance advice has traditionally been very expensive ...

but inhouse "do it yourself" manual processing using Excel to edit/copy/paste/hack revenue statement files can be:

  • repetitive & labour intensive,

  • stressful and prone to human error 

  • and, let's face it: mind numbingly boring!

Feezily is an easy to learn and use, robust, reliable, automated yet cost effective revenue management solution

It is used by

  • Self licensed AFSLs

  • Dealer groups

  • Fintech advice solution providers

  • Onshore and offshore outsourced revenue management teams

Drag and drop your provider statements

for automatic processing, revenue reporting, integration with CRMs & Workflow platforms, reconciliation* and RCTI generation*.

*Reconciliation and RCTI generation available with RIM optional add-on feature.

Monthly plans available starting from $0!

and range to $79, $199 or $279 per month.

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to see Feezily's ease of use.

We also have a 'hands free' Parassist option where our staff do it all for you!

Supports 70+ supplier revenue statement formats

Right out of the box we support importing of more than 70 different file formats.

In the rare event that you have a file we don't yet support we can typically add support for it in 1-2 business days at no cost to you.

Automatic revenue statement detection

Feezily developers have used the latest in AI technology to build an automatic provider statement detector.

Some legacy revenue systems require users to select the supplier/provider that produced the revenue statement prior to uploading.

This is not necessary with Feezily - just upload the file and let Feezily work out which provider the file is from!

Simple, easy, fast!

No statement file editing ... ever!!!

With some revenue management systems some "pre editing" of files is required before they can be processed.

This is not necessary with Feezily. Feezily processes raw, unchanged files exactly as they were produced by the provider, cutting away time, costs and frustration!

Flexible Revenue Statement Periods

Organize statement processing batches in monthly, twice monthly or weekly periods.

Third party integrations

Export consolidated data to integration partners like:
  • Xeppo
  • advice.intelligence.
  • iComply2
  • Fin365
  • Any other third party inluding in house processing via our customizable reports.
Import client updates from third party CRM/portfolio managers including:
  • Xplan
  • advice.intelligence.
  • Any CRM via our customizable client data import facility

Reconciliation and Invoice Management (RIM) Optional Add-On

Do revenue management like the "big boys" for a fraction of the cost.
Our Reconciliation and Invoice Management (RIM) add on supports the full suite of:
  • Reconciliation with auto bank receipt/supplier invoice matching
  • Adviser RCTI generation
  • Payments to CARs
  • Allocated bank receipts
  • Unallocated bank receipts/Suspense account
  • Automatic emailing of RCTIs to advisers
  • Performance reports and charting

Overview of revenue processing in Feezily

This demonstrates how easy it is to upload your revenue statement files into Feezily and then send the processed revenue data on to any of our integration partner products: Xeppo, advice.intelligence., Fin365 and iComply2 so that it can be used by the compliance, workflow and reporting features within those partner products.

Of course, you also have the option of importing the processed data into your own in house manual or automated data processing solutions.


"Parassist" optional add on service

The base Feezily pricing is all you need to pay if you have a paraplanner or other operations staff available to extract provider revenue files from providers (via email or downloading from the provider's website) and then upload them to Feezily. Feezily will perform automatic processing on those files after uploading.

If, however, you don't have a paraplanner or other admin staff available to perform the revenue statement extraction from providers then our "parassist" service can provide a "hands free" option to revenue processing where our staff perform the extraction and uploading process for you.

This service is offered as an optional add on, if required, for an additional $395/month.


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Introducing Feezily for financial advice and mortgage broking practices

Setting up Feezily for your adviser or brokerage practice

Where Feezily fits into your operations

API integration with your Application or Service

Demonstrates the Feezily API which allows 3rd party applications to leverage the revenue file data transformation capabilities of Feezily in their own applications.

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