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Revenue type mapping enhancements

  • 1 Sep 2022
We have enhanced the mapping of revenue types to avoid having to perform any manual revenue type assignment in integrated products.

Now when revenue statements are processed the revenue type of each revenue item is converted as usual but now if a particular revenue item can not be mapped an warning is raised for the statement.
When warnings are raised a 'Warnings" button will appear in the 'State' column. Clicking this will provide a list of the revenue type warnings.
These warnings should occur rarely - i.e. when new revenue type codes are created by a particular product provider. When you do see such a warning please contact us and we will update our revenue type mapping configurations to include this new revenue type code.

Verify button

Now when the verify button is clicked you will be informed of any statements that have revenue type warnings.
It is not mandatory to rectify these warning prior to submission to an integrated product (eg., Xeppo, iComply2 etc.,) but it is best to have Feezily admins add the new revenue type code and then re-upload the revenue statement so that you don't have to perform any manual revenue type assignments in the integrated product.