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Redesigned main page splits into separate 'Operations' and 'Configuation' sections

  • 8 Aug 2022
With so much new functionality being added to Feezily the main page was starting to get a little cluttered.

The latest release of Feezily splits the traditional main page into two separate sections:

  • Operations - contains tabs used for day to day operations
  • Configurations - contains tabs used for configuration of CARs, agents/advisers, clients etc.,
So instead of all tabs being on a single page we have moved configuration related tabs to a dedicated 'Configuration' page.

Newly decluttered Operations page:

New dedicated Configuration page:

Toggling between Operations and Configuration is a simple matter of clicking on the button in the right hand side of the header section of each page.

We love feedback so keep it coming as we continue to make Feezily the most modern, easy to use, intuitive, automated advice fee revenue management system in the world!