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History of consolidations/submissions is now available

  • 24 Feb 2023
When integrating with third parties like Xeppo, iComply2, a.i. etc, many users have asked if it is possible to see a history of submissions of their data to these third parties - it is now!

There is a new drop down list in the batch selection panel that contains a list of all of the consolidations and their submissions (if submitted) for the currently selected batch:

This will display the date the consolidation took place ("Consolidate" was clicked) and the date the consolidated revenue data was submitted or 'No' if not yet submitted.

Normally you would only ever perform one submission after you have completed the processing of all of the statements for a given month. There should be no need to perform multiple submissions unless you have found another provider statement that was previously omitted from the batch.

Note 1: Submission of consolidated revenue data only applies to clients whose Feezily account is integrated with a third party like Xeppo, iComply2, advice.intelligence. etc.,

Note 2: The previous "Generate" button has been replaced with the word "Consolidate" but it operates in the exact same way - it consolidates all of the revenue data in the batch in preparation for either submission to a third party integrated product or for download for your own purposes.