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Extra instructions on resolving agents

  • 9 Sep 2022
Extra instructions/directions are now provided to assist users in resolving unresolved advisers

We have recently deployed a new release which produces more instructions when an agent can not be resolved. Just enough instructions so that it is still not too cluttered but enough for the user to know what to do next. They instruct the user to click "View page" to go to the new dedicated page for unresolved agents.

Up until a few months ago Feezily listed a single 'possible' match and gave the user the option of accepting that single match.

This new agent resolution page has a number of advantages:

This allow the user to see ALL the unresolved advisers in one go, rather than having to restart the workflow multiple times to deal with each unresolved agent.

Shows the user a list of the best matches it could find rather than the single match that used to be presented to the user with the old form.

It no longer offers suggestions for the "auto creation" of new agents. Creation of new agents is done in the Configuration > Agents panel OR in the Configuration > CARs panel where you can create a new CAR and add an agent to it.