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Enhanced totals checking

  • 9 Sep 2022
We have recently updated the Feezily service to include some extra totals checking which can really help detect errors or issues.

Checking of calculated total againt amount embedded in filename

If the filename of your uploaded revenue statement contains a $ sign followed by a total amount at the end of the filename

e.g.  MLC-25-08-2022-$4,246.csv

then Feezily will attempt to extract this amount from the filename and compare it to the total it calculates by adding together all of the revenue items within that statement.

If there is a difference greater than the 'rounding error threshold' of $0.40 then a warning will be attached to this statement.

Any statement with one or more warnings will have a 'Warning' button appear in the 'State' column. Clicking on this button will reveal details of the warnings raised for that statement. Statements with on warnings button do not have any warnings associated with them.

If there is no "Warnings" button it means that no warnings exist for that statement.

Occasionally an 'amount mismatch' is ok i.e. when there was a Balance carried forward from a previous statement and the provider added it to the payment for this statement.

Many clients have already settled on an agreed naming convention for uploaded revenue statement files and many already contain the '$' followed by amount at the end of the filenames so there is no need to do anything extra to benefit from this checking.

For those whose format does not already include a '$' followed by the amount you can simply start adding that at the end of your filename and Feezily will then compare that total amount with it's calculated total.