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Enhanced client name matching

  • 24 Apr 2024
We have recently introduced enhanced client name matching for scenarios where the provider revenue statement contains only the initial of the first name instead of the whole first name

For clients using the Feezily Professional package, where client records in provider statements are resolved to the exact client entity in your CRM, a client matching process occurs the first time you upload a provider file with a new client that has not been matched before. After matching a client you don't need to match them again in future file uploads from that provider.

Some provider revenue statements contain only the first letter of the first name, i.e. an initial and the surname. For example, Barry Smith could be listed in the revenue statement as:

Smith, B

Previously this naming structure typically had a low matching score in Feezily because it attempts to match the full first and full last name, not just the initial.

In Feezily Version (deployed to all production servers today) we now perform a different type of name matching for this scenario which results in much better matching scores which means a much improved matching experience for this scenario where only the initial is provided.

Typically the correct person is found and is listed as the top choice with a high matching score so that you can simply click the "Resolve" icon rather than having to perform a search for the client.

This makes life much easier for new users onboarding to the Feezily Professional package for the first time and when new clients are onboarded when processing statements from providers that supply only an iniitalized first name in their revenue statements.

Remember: we always love feedback (positive or negative) and suggestions for improvement - so keep them coming as we continue to make Feezily the new standard for revenue processing in Australia!