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AMG Super rebranded to Acclaim Wealth + format change

  • 16 Apr 2024
AMG Super has been rebranded to Acclaim Wealth and the format of their revenue statements has changed.

As always, Feezily customers do not need to do anything to accomodate the new format files produced by Acclaim Wealth. There are no time consuming, error prone schema changes that you need to make - we do all that on behalf of all of our clients as part of the Feezily service.

We have created a new translator (sometimes called schema) for the new format and retrained our AI based recognition module so that it recognizes files in this new format.

Feezily will continue to process any old format AMG files that you may have - e.g. if you have some historical AMG revenue statements to process.

Please note:

The provider name has changed from:
AMG Super
Acclaim Wealth (formerly AMG Super)

If your revenue data is sent to a third party for further downstream processing them you may need to inform them that the provider name of AMG Super has been changed.