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Overview of Feezily's simple and intuitive workflow (*IMPORTANT NOTE* - see below)

NOTE: This video shows an earlier release of Feezily in which users first selected the product provider of each revenue statement file before uploading.
Feezily has now has an AI powered "Auto Detection" feature which removes the need for users to select the provider provider of each revenue statement file - simply "Drag and Drop" a file into Feezily and click Upload - Feezily will automatically select the provider based on the file contents and process it, simply and easily - because it's Feezily! Our marketing team are currently working on an updated video which demostrates the ease of use of this new "Auto Select" feature.

This video runs you through the very simple process of setting up Feezily for your financial adviser or mortgage reseller practice or your revenue solution provider business.


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Introducing Feezily for financial advice and mortgage broking practices

Setting up Feezily for your adviser or brokerage practice

Where Feezily fits into your operations

API integration with your Application or Service

Demonstrates the Feezily API which allows 3rd party applications to leverage the revenue file data transformation capabilities of Feezily in their own applications.

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