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Feezily combines powerful, advanced fintech with legendary ease of use to provide highly productive, easy to learn revenue management.

Feezily is amazingly cost competitive for small, medium and large licensees and its flexible options mean you only pay for what you need.



Automate revenue processing, save costs and reduce human error.

Whether you are a newly self licensed small practice battling with manual extraction of data from a variety of provider revenue statements or an established large dealer group currently using an expensive traditional system, Feezily has the right package to suit your needs and save you time and lots of money.

Drag and drop for automatic statement processing

Simply 'Drag and drop' provider revenue statements to Feezily and watch in amazement as it automatically extracts the revenue data in just a few seconds!

Extracted revenue data is then consolidated, by period, into in Feezily's internal database ready to produce reports for internal use or export the data to accounting, compliance or data warehousing systems.

Supports 70+ supplier revenue statement formats

Right out of the box we support more than 70+ different provider file formats.

In the rare event that you have a file we don't yet support we can typically add support for it in 1-2 business days at no cost to you.

No more manual editing in Excel ... ever!

Using Excel to manually extract revenue data from a myriad of different provider files or to satisfy the needs of a particular revenue processing system is so 2010!

We're now in the roaring 2020s and it's time to move on.

Just drag any raw, unchanged revenue file you obtained from a provider to Feezily and let it do the rest

No schema management ... ever!

Forget the complex schema management requirements of some traditional revenue management systems.

Leave the responsibility of mapping data from the ever evolving provider revenue formats to the experts!

At Feezily we look after all of this for you whilst still allowing customization of data exported from Feezily.

Flexible Revenue Statement Periods

Organize statement processing batches in monthly, twice monthly or weekly periods

Feezily works with your current processing scheduling for a seamless integration with your existing workflows and accounting systems.

Reconciliation and Invoice Management (RIM) add-on

This optional add on allows you to do revenue management like the big boys for a fraction of the cost.

RIM add on provides:

  • - Reconciliation: auto bank receipt/supplier invoice matching
  • - Adviser RCTI generation
  • - Payments to CARs
  • - Allocated bank receipts
  • - Unallocated bank receipts/Suspense account
  • - Automatic emailing of RCTIs to advisers
  • - Performance reports and charting

Advanced AI format detection makes your life easy!

You simply drag your provider revenue statements into Feezily and click 'Upload' and Feezily's advanced AI format detection automatically determines the file format and the provider who produced it and then uses the appropriate anslator that we have pre-configured for that file format to extract the revenue items.

It's not called Feezily for nothing!


Inbuilt metrics and performance charts

Feezily can integrate with CRMs, data lakes, and accounting systems but in case you want to use it 'standalone' it can produce all the typical performance charts and reports you would expect from a next level revenue management system.

Third party integrations

Seamlessly submit consolidated data to integration partners like:

  • Xeppo
  • advice.intelligence.
  • iComply2
  • Fin365
  • Any other third party inluding in house processing via our customizable reports.


Trusted by financial advice practices across Australia

Ask for an obligation free demo to find out why Feezily is taking the Australian revenue management landscape by storm.




Revenue items processed


In transaction value


Pricing Plan

Feezily has a package that suits your practice. Only pay for what you need.

Foundation package

The core foundation of Feezily without all the bells and whistles. The most cost competive option for small or newly licensed practices just starting out.


regardless of the number of advisers as long as total number of revenue items processed per month is less than 400

What's Included

  • Our legendary automatic statement processing.
  • Standard reports.
  • Standard charts.
  • Export provider invoices to Xero etc.,
  • Manual reconciliation
  • Process up to 400 revenue items/month

Standard package

Same as feezily foundation but applies when your total number of revenue transactions reach > 400 per month. Cost effective for established practices.


A great option for established practices. Contact us for volume discounts that apply for practices with > 20 advisers.

What's Included

  • Our legendary automatic statement processing.
  • Standard reports.
  • Standard charts.
  • Export provider invoices to Xero etc.,
  • Manual reconciliation available
  • Ability to process more than 400 revenue items/month

Advanced package

Everything in standard package plus:
Integration with third party solutions.
Customized data export for integration with your internal systems


For up to 5 advisers. $50/mo for each extra adviser above 5 advisers. Cost effective, integrated revenue processing.

What's Included

  • Everything in standard package PLUS:
  • Integrates with third party CRMs, data lakes, compliance systems like: Xeppo, iComply2, advice.intelligence, etc.,.
  • Consolidated reports customized to integrate with your internal processing needs.

RIM Add on

Add RIM to the Advanced Package on a per adviser basis for Reconciliation and Invoice Management.

+$50/adviser/mo *

Do revenue management like the big boys for a fraction of the cost!

*Contact us for volume discounts

Adds these to Advanced Package

  • Reconciliation with auto bank receipt/supplier invoice matching.
  • Adviser RCTI (Recipient Created Tax Invoice) generation
  • Payments to CARs
  • Easily manage unallocated bank receipts via suspense account.
  • Report bank receipt allocations
  • Automatic emailing of RCTIs to advisers
  • Performance reports and charting
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What our customers say


"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really great job. I have always found Feezily is easy to use and your team provide an excellent service. The customized consolidated report you created for us is super useful, thank you!
Also, thanks again for being so responsive and helping out when we need it!"


Heidi Lui Accountant, Revenue Processing - Empower Wealth

Boost your productivity at a price so affordable that it may surprise you!

Many licensees are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can automate and streamline their revenue processing for a fraction of the price commanded by the traditional revenue processing systems. Then they are swept away by Feezily's modern, well thought out, intuitive user interface and its comprehensive feature set.